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NG-01-MS (NG-1)

NG-1 is the company’s lead product. The initial intended indication of NG-1 is for the treatment of progressive Multiple Sclerosis.

NG-1 has neuroprotective and neuro-regenerative properties. NG-1 can prevent neurons and oligodendrocytes from apoptosis via the release of trophic and anti-apoptotic molecules (NGF, BDNF, and others), and has anti-proliferative effects on microglial cells and astrocytes, resulting in the induction of a neuroprotective microenvironment.


NG-1 also promotes the proliferation and maturation of local neural precursor cells, leading to their differentiation into mature neurons and oligodendrocyte. NG-1 suppresses the proliferation and reduce the pro-inflammatory cytokine secretions mediated by several cells of the immune system such as T and B lymphocytes, NK cells and dendritic cells.


NG-1 modulates the immune response and promotes regeneration of neuronal cells in the CNS


NG-2 is the company’s second product which is still under development. NG-2 has enhanced neuroprotective and neuro-regenerative properties and has the potential to differentiate and acquire neuronal cell properties.


Intended indications are ALS, Alzheimer’s and other diseases of the central nervous system.

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Mode of Action

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